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Good evening, we are from Ukraine.

As you understood from the first screen - my name is Denis, I am 18 and I am a 3D artist from Ukraine.

My creations began in 2014, when I created and produced my own comics for my peers under the guise of an exclusive Marvel collection.

As my visual skills been growing, I realized that I wanted to convey the whole picture of what was happening. And in order to be heard, it is not enough just to make a picture, you need to make it "alive".

Without hesitation, I plunged into the world of 3D videos and realized that I can visualize what is on my mind ..

I think I don't need to explain to you why my videos contain such content...
I cannot ignore what is happening in my country now and intend to continue to produce similar content.

Among other things, in my ambition to become the most popular 3D artist. And to prove to the whole world that the most talented people live in Ukraine. Thank you!


with ua
February 24 - the world, in the form in which it was, do not exist anymore. The plans of millions of Ukrainians were destroyed by the utopian ambitions of people "in suits". Many lost their homes and left their cities forever...


01/ Why such a name: Worldcorp.io?

We are looking forward. “I see a city ahead, there are remnants of human civilization in it, people survived after the catastrophe of the collision of humanity with AI, the earth is spoiled by radiation, a small island of life remains ...” Apocalypse? Yes. It's Possible? Yes.

What are they saying in your ears now? What is poured into your eyes now? What are they feeding you today and what are they injecting into your bodies? And who is doing this to you? You do not know. Many countries lived as they normal life, but in an instant their illusory well-being collapsed under the explosions of bombs. And what will happen tomorrow? Tomorrow we need Worldcorp.io as an island of human relations, as an ark to save humanity among people, as truth among lies and deception.

To do this, we have the courage to create Worldcorp.io - a corporation as a union, the world as humanity, io as a direction.

02/ Why first project, is NFT-related?

NFT is a reflection of the creator state. Man creates and the world responds. NFT is the transition of art into the digital web, consisting of "yes" and "no". The Lawnmower Man 2022. This is our response to the pressure of the atmospheric column, expressed in inflation and war, in hunger and devastation, haunting a man fleeing into luxury. We demand self-expression and look for those who are with us. We are apolitical, but we support self-expression in all its forms.

03/ How to start my project with you?

We need to talk. First of all, let's talk with you and about you. Your inner world is the road to success, what you are inside, such is your success. A person cannot say something that is not in him. Let's talk and decide together. You are not alone, together we can achieve a lot.